Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bullet proof




greens & oranges



chains and fences

I like the way the metal changes colors.

on the water front


next departure 12.45pm


sickening trend developing: Joseph another victim of the prospect park murderer

In the wake of Pamela's death, the police have asked residents to be on the look out for any unusual and suspicious activities. Police believe that this might be the work of a serial killer. "There are too many similarities between Pamela's death and this one", says a police source.
A few of you asked which lipstick pamela was wearing the day of her death. Our insider revealed: "I am not a waitress anymore" from Laure Real. $4.99.

Red Hook Suite

Red Hook Monday 05/13/07

Took pix o all king of things Again I am interested in textures, colors, and shapes.