Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hazel, Manon and Olivia

Manon's night

Tonight was Manon's Ballet Recital (on the left). Olivia (right) her friend, was also in the recital.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Tuesday June 5th, 2007: Iliade's day . You performed at your Ballroom dancing competition beautifully. Bravo ma chérie !

Storage Room --by surprise

PS 107 Ballroom dancing competition

Iliade's and some classmates were chosen to be part of a ballroom dancing competition. They got the silver medal.But no semi final... Iliade was very disappointed. The good thing is that she discovered a new sport. Next year, she is determined to practise seriously this discipline.
She and Lucas danced beautifully.
She has a gift.
Here are some the best shots.

Global warming in North Pole

This is last Saturday's painting. A mix of oil painting and fabric, threads and beads (left overs of old pillows, shirts, etc...).

Bus trip

PLaying with threads, Amanda (best friend) and Mila (right), my youngest.


ca roule!


du coin de l'oeil


en hauteur

Tortilla flat

Sortie de secours

from the window

Attachez vos ceintures!

thanks a bunch


mila's love

She loves ketchup so much that I had to make the bottle shake.


Mrs Geisler

I chaperoned Mila's school trip a a mexican restaurant. Now it's time for me to chaperon Iliade to her dance competition! She will perform Tango!