Friday, January 19, 2007

I worked on that one several times. It was initially abstract...
The style is naive. A bit different from what I usually do. But the wonderful thing about it is that as I was doing it it reminded me of my grandmother's beautiful house in the south of France. It made feel sad. I don't have much memory of my youth. But "Champouse" was the most awesome house I can remember. I remember fighting my fear of bees there. I was told not to move when one was resting on my feet or hands. it worked. They stopped chasing me.
The attic was full of wonderful Antiques. The garden was neglected. Behind the house were big fields of wheat. I used to love running there and play -alone- hide and seek.

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Anonymous said...

J'adore celui ci autant pour les souvenirs qu'il refait vivre que pour le tableau en lui même . On y est vraiment !!!